Landscaping Tips


Get the Right Height

When determining grass height, never scalp the lawn. Grass needs to be long enough to absorb sunshine to grow and develop (a process known as photosynthesis). The rule of thumb is never to cut more than one-third of the blade off during any single mowing. This may mean mowing more often, but results will make the work worthwhile.

Staying Sharp

Keeping the mower blade sharp is another rule that cannot be overlooked. A dull blade will shred or tear grass blades, making them more prone to external stresses and pests. These wounds will not heal as quickly as they would from a sharp blade's clean cut. It is best to sharpen the blade before each mowing if possible.

Recycling Nutrients

Another mowing practice that will improve a lawn includes leaving grass clippings on the lawn. One reason to do so is to avoid the endless chore of bagging. But the important reason is that the grass clippings return valuable nutrients to the soil. These clippings will not cause thatch, as they primarily consist of water.


Just an inch will do

The general rule of thumb is that most grass requires 1 inch of water per week. Conditions that require higher water use are the same as those found in desert climates- abundant sunshine, low humidity, and high temperatures.

Knowing when to water

If most lawns require an inch of water per week, how does one know when to water? While current weather conditions offer the best indication, most lawns exhibit physical signs when they are thirsty. Footprints that stay in the lawn after walking on it indicate the grass needs to drink.

The ultimate convenience

Automatic irrigation systems are very handy for keeping a consistent watering schedule. Just remember that watering too frequently promotes shallow rooting of the grass, which weakens the turf and makes it more susceptible to damage. One of the best deices for regulating water distribution is a rain sensor that shuts down the system upon detecting moisture.

To Do List

I have had Whitey & Mac's Landscaping for at least eighteen years. They started by mowing my lawn, then graduated to bigger and better things. Many, who have come by my home, have called my yard a show place. The people they have working for them are polite and work very hard and it shows. Dan and Todd listen to what you want and also have great ideas. If you have any problems, they are right there to solve them. They are the best! — Grace D.
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