To Do List

Summer Projects

Tree and Shrub Pruning

Now is the time to have one of our experienced maintenance crews tend to your shrubs and ornamental trees for pruning and shaping.

Time to think about Aerating

As we approach Fall, it's time to start thinking about making plans to have your property aerated. Having your lawn aerated will help break up compaction of the soil, reduce thatch build up and allow better results when watering and fertilizing.

Plan for deer

Many more homes are suffering from damaged caused by deer feeding on their landscaping. We can help protect your valuable shrubs and trees by installing deer netting. we can't stop deer from entering into your yard but we can stop them from dining on your favoriteplants.

To Do List

Whether it's landscape maintenance or landscape design, snow removal or simply sanding, we know we can count on Whitey & Mac's to do the job we expect, on time and within budget. — Debbie A.
Sharon, Ma

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